October 1, 2015

New Class - New Song "The Carrot Song" by Izumi Hayakawa

So we have started a new "Making Folk Music" class at Jefferson Elementary in Berkeley with Raphael as our Co-Teacher. We are learning all about different kinds of instruments; wind, string, percussion, reed. We were able to play a ukulele (string), drum on our bodies (percussion) and we MADE a double reed instrument we call a "Sax-a-straw". We also learned about physics and sound waves. (If you have a child in the class, asked them about the physics of sound waves).

But the really big event of our class this week was the performance of a new song written by my friend Izumi Hayakawa. Izumi is a wonderful jazz singer and she what inspired to write "The Carrot Song" when she picked up a Ukulele (a uke can have that effect on you). Izumi and her song are amazing!

You need to understand the class was just introduced to "The Carrot Song" about 10 minutes before we asked them to perform it. This is a work in progress....  but I think we will enjoy it...

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