January 22, 2016

BAM Folk Music Performance - The Pie Song

We have had a small but very wide age range class at BAM this Fall. We range in age from 5 to 8. One of the students has been in the folk music class for 8 semesters and for three of the students this is their first time in the class. It took some figuring out but this turned out to be a wonderful, unique, class, one of my favorite of all time. For our School performance we decide to do two songs with a couple of our girls taking the mic. Here is our rendition of a song we call "The Pie Song." You probability never hear it before but it is from the movie "Waitress" which is a must watch. You are going to love this song staring Rosie. I think you will find yourself playing more than once... and sharing it as well. What a treasure!