August 18, 2007

SONG - Teacher Teacher, ooh Baby

All the adults know the tune of this song as Louie Louie. This song has been recorded as many as 1500 times and has been the subject of many parodies over the years. You can read more about it's history at the wikipedia site here.

I wrote the words to this song when I was teaching the kindergarden class at Rose Parks Elementary in Berkeley CA. in the spring of 2007. This was my grandson's class and his teacher, Miss Luna, had just told the children that she was going to have a baby. We sang the song as "Miss Luna Miss Luna, ooh baby...". The kids loved it and it made Miss Luna cry, "A song for me..." We sing the song standing up with "rock and roll" hand motions. The chorus celebrates a friendly relationship between teacher and students (we love you miss luna). The verses are a celebration of being able to play in our beautiful world and the belief we can be anything we want to be when we grow up. Click here to see Rick Berry singing his song Louie Louie.

Teacher Teacher, ooh Baby
Tune by Rick Berry, Lyrics by Karl Shadley

Teacher teacher, ooh baby, we gotta go.
Teacher teacher, ooh baby, we gotta go.

The boys and girls told me just the other day
That they should go outside and play
Got to use our lungs & stretch out legs
On these fantastic, beautiful days


What to be an astronaut, fly to the moon
Or maybe a custodian, I’m good with a broom
A doctor or a teacher or a fireman
I can be anything, I know I can



Holly said...

Today when Naomi, Bella and I were talking about the RLS concert, Bella said she liked the song Teacher, Teacher, but "at Rosa Parks we sing it differently. We say Ms. Luna, Ms. Luna. I like it better that way. Why did you make Karl change the words?" I explained that I didn't MAKE you change the words. You just did it that way because the RLS kids don't know Ms. Luna.

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