January 30, 2010

"This Land is Your Land" with hand motions!

At Class this past week we learned "This Land is Your Land" with hand motions. Before we could record the song we had to make sure everyone knew the hand motions. The kids caught on fast but we did have to work a little with our trusted assistant "Ruhi." After one lesson the Kindergarten kids gave Ruhi an A+++ on her test! Ruhi was very excited. So watch and enjoy... but remember... there will be a test... there always is in life :)

January 29, 2010

BAM World Music Class sings "The Eggplant Song"

We are starting the new year in our Berkeley Arts Magnet School After School music class working on some old songs for broadcast on my Blog. This is just a taste of what we will be doing in our older kid class (1st and 2nd grade). Enjoy this energetic remake of Norman Greenbaum's classic "The Eggplant that ate Chicago" Enjoy...