May 17, 2014


Our Folk Music Class is just that... the are just regular young folk who study traditional folk music from around the world. We learn the songs and the stories and make the instruments of people who find music to be a lifeline to a real and Free Life. This past session of or BAM Folk Music Class we made our own Ukuleles out of boxes from the Postal Service, recycled "throw-a-way" wood from Home Depot and lots of hard work and imagination. We also made our own versions of Pete Seeger's Abiyoyo.  Abiyoyo is the story of a Mythical Giant that comes to wreak a town. Everyone is afraid except for a little boy with a ukulele. With song, and the help of his father, he saves the village from the mythical fears of Abiyoyo. The body of our kid's giant is made up of pictures of what our kids say they are afraid of. With Abiyoyo as our background we tell the story of Abiyoyo and chase way our fears with Pete Seeger's song.
You can see Pete telling the story here... Abiyoyo

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