December 24, 2011

World Premier of "Eat His Head"

One last post before the new year... So, this sounds pretty bad "Eat His Head" but it is not as bad as it seems. See... we write songs in our class. Our songs, like good folk songs, tell a story, our story. On the day we wrote this song we were all into gingerbread men. The K's had then and we got to talking about how you eat a gingerbread man. Most everyone thought you should start with the head. So our song is a story about eating a gingerbread man.. Makes sense now don't you think. Plus we did think that a song with a title like "Eat His Head" might just get some hits on the internet. So here we go.. As usual the director is our faithful aid Devin. I am the producer I guess. My co-teacher, Yun-Yun, is the "special assistant" to most everyone in the production  (being very special helps in this job) and the stars of the video are all the 1st - 3rd graders in our BAM Friday afternoon Folk Music Class.

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