February 12, 2011

Colin found his voice today

We were in for a surprise at our intersession folk music class today.

Just a few weeks ago our fall Folk Music Class had a performance in front of lots of people. Most of the kids wanted to perform and worked through their stage fright to sing but one of our little boys just could not face getting up to sing (reminds me of myself as a child). His mom and dad worked with him and I try to offer some encouraging words but he was just not going to get up there and sing in front of all those people.

Well today in class we tried something different. During the intersession we are meeting at my church so I have access to more equipment so I decided to bring my amplifier and a mic to class today. I hid it for a while as we learned and practiced some new songs. Then I set up the mic for the singing of our solos that we started working on the week before. As I set up the mic I asked if there were any volunteers to sing the first solo.To my great surprise the first hand to go up was my reluctant little performer. I asked him if he was sure and he shook his head up and down to show me he really wanted to. Colin found his voice and we were so happy for him!

As you can see from the video Colin was not the only boy who wanted to sing a solo but it all started with Colin.

Today was boy-band day at Folk Music Class. The boys loved it but the girls thought it was a too loud (and off key at that). I think you will enjoy the enthusiasm of our little boy-band today....

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nisha said...

Yay Colin - we are so proud of him. I love seeing my son Nikki at the end passing the mic out to his friends. It reminded me of my old punk rock days!!