November 5, 2010

Leo reading Abiyoyo to the K-class

This year I have invited a past graduate of our Folk Music Class to join us as an assistant (leader in training). Our first assistant leader is Leo. Leo has been a part of our class from the very start. He too was once a kindergartner. Each week Leo's teacher releases him from class early so he can help lead the last 20 minutes of the class. Leo helps with with singing, making instruments and even makes the popcorn for our snack. This past week Leo came in for our Halloween class to read Pete Seager's wonderful book "Abiyoyo". I think Leo did a wonderful job! If you see him around school make sure you thank him for his leadership.

Abiyoyo Book and CD


cheryl said...

hi! i'm looking for children's songs from europe, america or africa because i'm also teaching world music in singapore! Do you have the lyrics of the songs you upload on your blog? =)
btw, keep up the good work! the kids are so cute! =)


Karl Shadley said...

Take a look at the left side of the blog and you will find a link for a Goggle Doc of most of the lyrics of our songs. Do you have a blog we might be able to follow. I would love to link to your site...